We have a great group of horses to meet everyone's needs. Our horses have to be Jack of all Trades and must be able to handle more than one job.



Just Chloe (1987)


This Trakhener mare stands 16.1 and was generously donated to the farm 2 years ago from our Hunt Master. He has a young horse and decided to let us use Chloe. This lady loves the school. I can trust her with anyone and everyone. If you want to learn how to do a course, Chloe is the one. Yet she still remains one of our most trusted field hunters also.


Nutmeg (1989)

Is a cute 12'3 hand hackney cross pony. This young lady take great care of all my little ones. She has started all the kids, she still shows in the dressage shows and events and when hunting season comes around, you'll find Nutmeg in the crowd of field hunters.


Timber Cruiser (1995)

This Tri has been with us since he was 2 and a stallion. We gelded him and he has never ever let me down. He is one of our best. Cruiser will carry all my beginners around without making a mistake and then when you can ride a little he gives you a little bit of a tough time making sure to keep you on your toes. He can jump the moon and he is the trusted friend to all who want to hunt for the first time or the 200 time. He has been to Toronto and Virginia so many times he probably could drive the truck. Cruiser is also on of the horse we choose for those people with special needs.


Liquid Courage
aka "Tinker Bell"

7yr old 15.2 hand TB mare. She loves to work and is willing to do anything for everyone. We are happy to have her join our school.

Has been leased for the 2017 show season by Amanda Ashley Koggel


Valley Breeze
aka Dargo


This 6 year old wonderful animal is a full TB from the track. He stands 16 hands chestnut gelding. He is an awesome animal with a disposition second to none. He has been hunting for us since he got here. He is quiet for those who need him to be and a ball of energy and bravery for those who don't. He has been my "Master" horse, my "Field horse", my "rental horse" and my "whip" horse. He has been introduced over fences and goes willingly. He will start his show career in eventing in 2015. He has done dressage at shows and always places top 5. He has a disposition and deperament which is unequaled.

Dargo is by far one of my favorites.




aka: Red.

This gentle giant is one of my favorites. He's by our TB stallion Torque Flight and out of Laura Ashley (TB/Westfallie/Percheron). This boy has been used as a whips horse, field horse and he's a kind and willing to work. We used him more often for men only because he stands 17.2 hands tall and most women find that a wee tad tall.



I had a customer who came to me asking for a horse. More than willing to pay. This lady had retired many of my parents horses and we should all be lucky enough to get a retirement home like this. Graffiti is only 10 sound and sane, but he is one of those horses whose conformation, crooked head and neck and such that make it hard to sell and I refuse to let him go to anyone. So when this lady asked me for a horse, I loaded Graffiti on the trailer and said enjoy!!! He deserves to be treated like a king. He willnow be teaching her young daughter the ropes. So he's retired from our farm, not retired form the show ring.! It is my way of thanking these animals for all they do for me!!!


This wonderful grey Trakheiner / TB cross. He's a wonderful example of what not to buy. He's crooked and malformed, has a semi paralized face because he was kicked as a baby. This wonderful animal is amazing. He will jump anything put in front of him. This year has been a huge year for Graffiti - he was Whip horse extraordinaire



Elphin Xena

This wonderful large pony takes care of all my little ones and no so little ones. She's a Connemara cross and has been an amazing additon to the family. She even has become a fantastic field hunter.


Little Big Man

aka: Lucky

Lucky is a brown and white pinto pony who stands approximately 12.3 hands tall. Lucky came to us about 1 year ago with a huge mass on his penis. A mass which was going to cost him his life. This 10 year old pony who rides and drives was finding himself on the euthanasia list. Owners were not in a position to afford his surgery. They called the SPCA for help who called us. I took in 3 stallions, one miniature gelding and Lucky on that day. I was fortunate to have a vet will to offer her services to geld the studs so that I might find them a new home. She generously covered all their expenses in gelding and shots. Found a home quickly for miniature and then there is Lucky. I have a student who has been with me since the begining of time who has recently graduated from vet school. She volunteered to try the surgery on lucky. She was is last chance.








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